Unknown truth About the Former Miss World Of Israel – Linor Abargil

Israeli Linor Abargil, when she won the Miss World crown in 1998, just some weeks earlier she was raped violently.  But the brutal act couldn’t stop the Brave Miss World any more. .

16 years back, when the 18 years old Miss Israeli’s name announced on the stage she was crying not only for happiness, because of her recent trauma at that time. Just six weeks back, she was kidnapped and assaulted at the knife point by her travel agent, Uri Sholomo Nur in Milan, Italy. Somehow, she managed to escape with her life and reported immediately to the local police but the criminal coped to go because of available evidence. Abargil was back in Israel and the local authority filed an arrest warrant for the rapist. After a long trial, the rapist was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

“I wanted to die, basically. I didn’t even care really. But God had different plans. I guess this crown was for me to do what I’m doing today.” Abargil said. Yes she done well, she is now 34-years old, a qualified lawyer and a loving mother of three children. Most remarkably, Abargil is a global ambassador in the fight against sexual aggression.

She has made a documentary about her rape and following activism. Brave Miss World directed by Cecilia Peck, which was shot over four years. In this documentary, Abargil speaks to number of women from American college students to Hollywood stars like Joan Collins and Fran Drescher, who have survived rape.

One of the most traumatic stories Abargil hears from Joan Collins, the 81-year-old actress.  Joan Collins was raped as a virgin and married the man who raped her. Not even Joan Collins, after watching the film, many women said, “I married my rapist, too”. “Women do so many horrible things because of their shame,” said Abargil.

The film’s website has become a place for rape survivals to speak out.  A large number of women visited the site and dropped many writing about the violence they experienced in their life. Abargil shares their stories on her website ‘Brave Miss World’ and motivates rape survivors to speak out against the sexual assaults and this is the ultimate goal as the approach of society will be change by speaking out about the sexual assaults, particularly when it’s happen to a woman.

As Abargil says, women should stop hating themselves. While reporting rape is a disgusting difficult process, but women they have to speak, shout against the brutal act. Women have so much to do as women to change the view society stares at rape, most importantly the way a woman looks at own self.

The Former Miss World Abargil’s message to rape survivors:

“You’re still here and there’s a reason for that. You can go to bed and cry all day but that won’t take you anywhere. It will take you lower. Just put your head up and smile, even sometimes you don’t feel like it. It stays and becomes real, in time.”

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