Is Internet Blessing or Curse for Kids?

Internet has turned into a nightmare for the parents of most children and teenagers. In 2008, 1536 internet domains of child abuse and pornography were found by the Internet Watch Foundation. The most disturbing thing is the fact that 58% of these children had fallen victim to internet stalkers.

When your children browse the internet, behind the closed doors of their rooms, you really don’t know what is happening. In various cases, young teenage girls picked up the rapists and stalkers by chatting via social networking sites.

It cannot be denied that World Wide Web has been a great blessing for the development of countries and elevation of economies. But somewhere along the way, it also provided means to be vulnerable to the dark predators of society. Children are being misguided into a trap which engulfs them in the times of bereavement. According to the studies, children going through tough times like divorce of parents, death of relative or even bad grades, are most likely to succumb to the internet predators.

In October 2012, Amanda Todd, a young teenager of age 15, committed suicide after being physically assaulted and videotaped by perpetrator Aydin C. The suicide of Amanda Todd made headlines all over the world as the girl has videotaped her own suicide on YouTube. Needless to say, video went viral and the local authorities arrested Aydin C for the charges of Indecent Assault and Child Pornography.

This is just one of cases where the gruesome fate of a child came to such world-wide notice. There are millions of children throughout the globe who are assigned to such cruel behavior but their stories never see light of the day.

The concept of Cyber Bullying is not new to the internet users, though some do not understand the whole impact of it. Using the internet as a weapon to harass, bully and assault innocent children, has become one of the most serious issues in the country. If reports are to be believed, every 20 minutes a new child abuse video is made in the United States.

Knowing and communicating with your children is the wisest way to prevent them making a wrong turn. Understand that the emotional needs of a child are much sensitive and they constantly need to be provided full support. Pay attention to what your child is browsing on internet and who is he/she talking to on the social networking sites. Take the help of technical filters to make sure no inappropriate content is being searched by children in the house.

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