Month: May 2019

Online Scams That Seem Authentic

“Limited Offer”! “Buy Now”! “Its now or never”! These superlatives screaming for your attention on the online world may tempt you to sign up for some too-good-to-be true looking schemes! Some of you may have already burnt a hole on your plastics signing up for some of these instant satisfaction promising ads or banners. In […]

How To Buy Real Honey?

Honey is super-sweet, delicious and makes your food taste better. Next time, when you will go to a store, spend some time in the honey aisle questioning before making a decision whether you should buy a pricy quality, store-brand nectar in a plastic bottle or artisanal honey. Food Safety News did a blazing investigation and […]

Be Careful While Using Smartphone Health Apps

A lot of people try Smartphone health applications or apps to measure their blood pressure, which are untested, incorrect and potentially hazardous. Researchers analyzed over hundred top apps for high blood pressure and hypertension that are accessible for download on the Google Play store and Apple iTunes. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control […]

Black Seeds An Incredible Cure Apart From Death

This small seed is immeasurably powerful, competent to dominant antibiotic resistant bacteria, cures the chemical weapon cynical body, stimulate the restoration of dying beta cells in the diabetic, while these only a fraction of black seed’s experimentally definite powers. Nigella Sativa is a yearly flowering plant, have been valued for its healing properties while time […]

Remove Herpes Overnight With This Simple Trick

The herpes simplex virus is an exceedingly contagious virus that can spread easily by touching an active cold sore. The herpes simplex is viral infections that create painful eruptions on the mouth. Taking antibiotics only treat bacteria, but not effective against the viruses, which is the herpes. Garlic has been used for healing purposes for about […]