Month: April 2019

How to Deal With Tough People?

People are constantly trying to have it their way, and you’d be surprised just how much far they’re willing to go. However, the good news is that you can make yourself immune to different types of mental manipulation by simply being aware of them. So let’s dive in. The Guilt Tripper Description: Guilt Trippers will […]

How to Be Less Annoying?

Do you have little or no people you can truly call friends? Were you accused or suspect yourself being annoying? Do people try to avoid conversations with you, or when they do face you, do they try to keep the talk as short as possible? Never fear – we all dislike being thought of as […]

10 biggest regrets of the dying

Death is never a pleasant topic to think about. However, have you ever wondered what all those people who are parting from this life regret the most? Well, a study was done, and the answer to this dilemma will surprise you. Not only that, we can learn from their experiences and their dilemmas in order […]

Selling Cigarettes? Penalty – Death!

What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you’re selling cigarettes illegally? Not making the profit margin. Paying a fine. Or being strangled to death. Wait. What!? Yes, that is precisely what happened to Eric Garner, 43, as he was selling illegal cigarettes in New York. So how did this unfortunate incident occur? […]

Best Fat Burning Workouts for Women

Getting rid of flab in the body requires a lot of commitment; furthermore you should embrace eating good healthy meals low on fats and sugars that the body can convert into fat reserves. Foods high in fiber keep the stomach feeling fuller for longer preventing overeating. Besides drinking lots of water all through the day […]