10 Surprising Benefits of Quit Smoking

Smoking has been one of the deadliest addictions in this century in line with alcohol and drugs. According to some studies, when a person learned how to smoke at a very young age, there is a high tendency that the person will die without quitting smoking in his entire lifetime. But quitting means ten things that will shock you.

Longer Life to Live

The younger you quit smoking, the longer years you tend to live. On the other hand, this fact still has lesser impact to the smokers. But when a person gives up his smoking, the proof of this statement can be proven years after years of quitting.

Stunning and Younger Looking Skin

Studies show that smoking can damage your looks. A person who smokes at the age of 30 usually looks like mid-40s. When a person stop smoking, their skin tends to age slowly than before and prevent the existing of wrinkles.

No More Bad Smell

Smoking is associated with bad mouth and body odor. A smoker probably experience serious exhortation from other people that smoking kills their sense of smell and encourage you to stop it at this very moment.

Hassle-free Breathing

The chemicals that a smoker absorbs from the cigar cause clog in respiratory system. That means, no smoke, no difficulties in breathing.

You Save Money, Hurray!

An average adult smoker spends $1,789 every year. So if you exit the gate of smokers’ community, you can use this money to more important things or at least save.

Better Look of Yourself

Smoking has earned a bad reputation in the perspectives of many people around the globe although it is still one thing that is hard to give up for the smokers who started long years ago. Quitting this habit will help you gain more self-esteem and can look better to every people the surrounds you.

 Chance to Avoid Chronic Disease

Giving up life with tobacco can help you to reduce the risk of having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is one of the leading causes of death in the US.

Yellow Teeth, Bye!

A smoker, no matter how hard they brush his teeth won’t achieve perfect white shiny teeth. And this will affect the over all of a human’s health.

Feel Normal

Yes. Your body is an abnormal condition when smoking. In a matter of 20 minutes of quitting smoking, you blood pressure and pulse rate starts to back to normal.

Healthy Family

Second-hand smokers or those who have inhaled your puff from cigar have the higher risk of having smoking-related diseases than you. Yes, you are killing your family secretly by smoking. So stop.


Majority of these smoke quitter wannabes seem to fail always. For some reasons, those who failed to quit have lesser motivation and do not know some techniques on how to refrain from tolerating the nicotine to their entirety. Hypnosis may be one of the effective ways the can help. You may want to try the quit smoking hypnotherapy which earned good reviews from those have experienced it.


Quitting smoking might be hard at first. But I know several people who finally stopped. There are published techniques on how to end this non-sense habit. All you have to do is put it into action.

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