How to be Happy?

How to make yourself happier?  Every country has its own way of going beyond vanity and fuss of everyday life. We all come to this world to be happy. What does it mean? Some of us are happy by having kids and building a family. Others may be happy by travelling, building a career, reading […]

The Amazing History of Prostitution

The first Babylonian prostitute was in a place called Hinchinopolises, which arose from the appraised Hinchin family. At the time Hinchinapolis was the center of attraction for all travelers who came to rest in the company of the family’s women, who perfected the art of satisfaction. Prostitution, sometimes referred to as the world’s oldest profession, arouses strong sentiment. There are […]

Amazing Scientific Reasons Why You Should Kiss More

Kissing in a beautiful intimate gesture that two people share with each other and it helps to deepen the connection between them. However, science has proven that kissing is more than just great foreplay. It’s actually great for your health and has more benefits than you could imagine. Kissing is one of the most pleasant […]

Do you Poop Immediately After Eating?

It can take 1-2 days before food finishes its journey through a person’s digestive tract. Therefore, a person who poops shortly after eating is likely to be passing food that they ate a day or two earlier. The most likely cause of needing to poop right after eating is the gastrocolic reflex. This reflex is […]

The Journey and purpose of Our Life

We are here on this earth, to learn Love; pure and unconditional love.. We are born out of love, we are love itself. But to survive in this world, we need certain tools and weapons. Only unconditional love is not enough, for the world has it own sets of rules, regulations, systems, concepts, conditions, and […]